SEA Mission and Vision

Our mission is to simulate realistic airline environment and build first class VA where our members can learn about the aviation world and experience it first-hand through this extraordinary hobby.

Our vision is to see SEA as educative, motivating, creative and friendly environment which will be recognised for it's standards and contribution to causes we care for.

Finance and VA Management

VA world today offers much more than individual flying from one airport to another.

Thanks to VA Financials, our activity is truly market-driven. We have to plan carefully our fleet and capacity, pay the lease, taxes, fuel and pilots, assign the fleet to profitable routes, compete with other VAs for market share and set the ticket prices in a competitive way.

Board For Excellence

Equally to their contribution to SEA success, members of any VA within the FlySEA group have unique possibility to participate in company decision-making process. More you fly, closer you are to your board seat.

Our shareholders receive materials for yearly assembly and are in position to actively participate in the work of the SEA Board and our strategy development.