Pilot Proficiency Checks

All our pilots are assigned to regular yearly proficiency checks consisting of both, theoretical and practical part. Of course, checks are considered to be another interesting learning experience rather than pass/fail deal.

To enroll for your yearly check, or to request sample material and see what proficiency check is all about, you should contact SEA Training Department.

Courses and Training Materials

Thanks to SEA Training Department, growing number of high-quality material has been made available to our members.

ATC phraseology / Sample flight
VAFS User Guide
OM part A
Type Related Documents
ETOPS, Oceanic and Polar Operations

Make sure to check our library for latest updates.

Safety Corner

-excerpt from Aviation Safety Magazine-
Go-arounds are something of a "forgotten maneuver" for most pilots. The psychology of pilots is such that we try to "recover" from our mistakes, so we tend to try to turn bad landings into good ones instead of powering up and climbing away for another try. When was the last time you practiced a go-around? It may have been a very long time. So what happens on the day something completely outside the span of your expert aircraft control requires you to call off the landing from a point very near (or even on) the ground?